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Mother Pearl Publishing is a small publishing house that was founded by Melissa Lawson in 2015 to honor the memory of her great-grandmother “Pearl L. Neely”, who was affectionately known to all as “Mother”.  “Mother” was Melissa’s first baby-sitter and the woman who cultivated her love of reading and her imagination.  Melissa penned her first novel “Two of Hearts” in 2015 and decided to launch her own publishing company to release the novel.

Mother Pearl Publishing utilizes a host of freelance editors and graphic designers.  We are dedicated to bringing great books to our readers in all genres. While our primary focus is fiction, authors are welcome to submit works of non-fiction and poetry for review when the submission window is opened up.  We are the perfect publishing house for independent authors who are eager to get their works published in a timely fashion and maintain creative control over their works.  With Mother Pearl, you will be given a voice.